Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here we go!

Well I have been thinking about this blog for over a month now, and I am finally going to pull the trigger! My first post will be a company that is new to me, Nails Inc. They are being carried at Sephora (YAYYYY) and have some absolutely beautiful colors! The first one I am trying is The Boltons, which is the deepest, prettiest red I have seen in a while.

So here are the pics!

I was very impressed with the formula, this was two coats and it went on flawlessly. I used Qtica Nail strengthener as a base and a thick coat of Seche Vite which just so happens to be my favorite topcoat. Look at that shine! Well I hope you liked my first post, I sure had fun doing it. See ya next time, from the frozen tundra!


  1. What a beautiful color!! I have a couple colors from Nails Inc and love the formula. I haven't seen this one yet and it is very nice!

  2. Hi. I was told about your blog in an email I received from Picture Polish. But once I got to your site I put the name together and had to say boo out loud. BOOO. ha. I'm just kidding. I'm a Steelers fan and in a few years I'll like the Packers again. They actually were my second favorite team until well, you know. I also still boo everytime Aaron Rodgers comes on the tv, but I love the guy, he seems nice and has one heck of an arm. I look forward to reading your blog because my favorite thing is to put on any kind of game and just paint my nails. Polish+sports=heaven. Thanks and Take Care.