Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Holo, Holo, HOLO!

I have some new polishes to show you from Brasil! They are called Jade Holographics and are currently available at Ninja Polish. These are highly pigmented holos and the application is amazing! I tried them with and without a basecoat and topcoat. Unfortunately it is a gloomy Wisconsin day so no sun to really make them shine but you will still get the idea! On to the pics!

                    The first color is Jade Energy, a gorgeous ocean-colored teal. These are two coats
                              with a basecoat of Duri Rejuvacote, and a topcoat of Seche Vite.
                                                            Application was flawless!

This next color is Jade Hypnose. It is a beautiful sky-blue holo!
Application was again flawless although this was 2 coats, no base or top.

Well what do you think?
Head on over to Ninja Polish to check out the other 8 colors!

See you soon!


  1. Since I seem to be on a holo craze right now and these are beautiful, I supposed I will be needing to get them all!

  2. Love love love love these, ordered them all (apart from the pinks, I just do not do pinks) and can't wait to get them <3 love you immensely for Ninja Polish so I have the opportunity to even get these!

  3. I gasped. Your nails look so much like mine! I had some breakage so they're a little short right now, but they look so much alike.

  4. Least week I wore hypnose, I was soooo charmed by the way it's way more pigmented and holo than the hits,
    love love :)
    I was playing with with my finger all the time!

  5. Oh those are pretty cool they look a little bit textures is that just a camera thing?

    1. It must just be a camera thing, they are smooth as silk, but gorgeous!