Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guest Post! Please welcome Tori B. to Packer Lacquer!

Hi friends!

As I promised we are starting our guest posts tonight and the first one will be by my niece Tori. She and her sister Madi are nail junkies like the rest of us! She and Madi both did a mani on me and then wrote their own post. I have to apologize, I didn't get the pictures taken the same day we did it so their may be a little tip wear. That is in no way a reflection on the job the girls did, it is the result of a crazy weekend on my part.
So, here's Tori!

My name is Tori and I like nails. My hobbies are photography and nails. I put blue and purple magnetic polish by LCN on my Aunt's nails. I also used the star magnet on them. I really like the magnetic polishes. They are fun to use. I hope you like my Aunt's nails.

Well I hope you like my first guest! Tori and I sure had a fun time doing this for you! These polishes are by LCN and they have two different magnet patterns available the star and the diagonal lines.


  1. Tori, you did a great job on Steph's nails. You're a regular nail junkie like the rest of us!

  2. Great job Tori! Too bad they don't make Packer colors in those magnetic polishes!

  3. Thanks everybody for the nice comments on my first blog! I can't wait to do another one for you!