Friday, January 13, 2012

So Blue!

Well I have missed you all! Sorry for the neglect, it was not intentional. I recently graduated with an AAS in Computer Systems Administration, got a new job, enjoyed the Holidays with my family and polished my nails A LOT! So I am back and for my first post of the new year I wanted to share something that you may have seen but is worth a second, third and fourth look. It is Hits Apolo one of the most beautiful Holographic polishes I have ever seen. It comes from Brazil and I also have a friend at the blog Polish Ninja that does group buys for Hits. I got this one from my Polish Ninja, Rhonni but I also got a couple from my girl, Samantha, in Brazil. They are amazing little polishes with a great formula and stunning holoness! Anyway enough jabbering, on to the pics!

Is this not the most gorgeous blue you have ever seen?

Look at that rainbow!

I hope you ladies have enjoyed this polish, this was one coat of Apolo over one coat of Zoya Raven.
See you soon!


  1. That is beyond gorgeous! Hi Steph!!!

    1. Hey Connie! You need some of these if you dont have any, Let Rhonni hook you up!

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!! :-O GORGEOUS. I need this polish NOW... :-D

  3. So very very beautiful!

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