Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm Back!!!

Hello Packer fans! I took an unplanned year off from blogging but I am back to share some new polishes with you all. 

These are from Altered Ego and they are so fun! Especially for the Holiday season! The two I have for you today are Limelite Lover and Ultimate Gift Giver. 

First I want to show you Ultimate Gift Giver, since you know I am a sucker for red! It is described by Cynthia at Altered Ego here: The Ultimate Gift Giver is generous to a fault, she even faithfully donates blood whenever she can:) This gal has also made sure her family knows they are to donate every part of her body that can be transplanted in the event of her passing & she takes good care of herself to be sure her organs will be of use! If that isn't the ultimate gift I don't what else can be:) Bright red base with metallic .004 bright red glitter. I used 2 coats and this dries to a semi-matte finish as shown in the first image.

  The next two show the complimentary topcoat called she shines which also comes with your order.

Limelite Lover is next and is described here: A limelite lover is someone who is always "on"! Quick witted, glib & observant, happy to be part of any scene as long as they can find an audience! This enamel has 2 shades of lime glitter, 1 matte & 1 holographic. 2 coats with 1 coat top coat, no base color. This is also 2 coats with she shines added after the first pic.

The formula is good on both of these. I could have probably used one more coat on Limelite Lover, only because my polishing skills are a little lacking lately, lol.

One thing to mention is that due to the base used, these polishes will settle. 5 minutes on the opposite side and a little shake and they are good to go. 

You can find them here at Altered Ego's Etsy shop and they retail for 8.50.

So what do you think?

These polishes were provided to me for review.

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