Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I may be a little partial but......

I love Ozotics! Today I have the new Mish Mash polish, 533 and you are not going to believe how gorgeous it is! It is a mixture of the prettiest dark blue and purple you will ever see. The formula is wonderful but be aware you need to put these over something dark, as recommended on the Picture Polish website. These come from Australia and if you see something you like, send me an e-mail at slbarnet@gmail.com and I will fulfill your Ozotics desire! Now to the important business at hand, the pictures!

I wanted to do some beautiful outdoor pics for you but being WI in the fall, no sun! 
We will have to make do with flash and artificial lighting!
The first two show the amazing rainbow effect with emphasis on blue.
The next one shows the beautiful purple shade that comes out.

More rainbow holo goodness!

Sorry this is so picture heavy but I just couldn't narrow it down!
Again these lovely polishes come from Picture Polish and you can purchase them online here
You can purchase them from me by e-mail or you can also get them from Llarowe who is 
another US Stockist not only of Ozotics and Picture Polish but A-England, Hits from Brasil, 
Glitter Gal and Ludurana, just to name a few! And she has amazingly fast and cheap shipping! 
So Run! Get your Ozotics! Thanks for looking!


  1. That's gorgeous Steph! Hopefully I can order some soon.

  2. Gorgeous! I will definitely need to be buying some of the new Ozotics from you soon!

  3. Awesome! I can NOT wait to get mine!