Sunday, November 13, 2011

Model's Own-Beetlejuice!

Well the British Invasion has arrived. My very first Model's Own polishes and I couldn't be more excited. We did a group order on these to purchase the new BeetleJuice Collection which became available on November 1st. I woke up at 5am to purchase 46 bottles of happiness for my polish junkie friends. Overall I am very happy with these polishes. The colors are beautiful and most of them are multi-chromatic. They have nice formula although the stunning Golden Green tends to leave some brushmarks. Well, I want to see what you think so here are the pics!

This first set of images is Emerald Black. Surprisingly this was the least
ordered out of our group, yet I think it's my favorite. You all know
what a sucker I am for a dark, brooding green. This is almost black in the second pic, 
yet it has beautiful flashes of sparkling green. All of these pics were taken in 
artificial lighting.

Here you can see that beautiful flash of Emerald. This formula was great 
but it definitely needs 2-3 coats. This was 3.

The next color in the collection is Purple Blue. A really pretty 
pinky purple with the most amazing flash of blue. This is 
a bit of fine glitter and a coat of Gelous works nicely over the top.

Now this baby is the sleeper of the group in my opinion. It is Aqua Violet
and in the bottle and even after the first coat is kind of sheer and blah. 
But be patient Ladies! This requires 3 coats and BAM! 
Absolute multi-chromatic Madness!

Look at that color shift, mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

Now the Pinky Brown is another glitter albeit very fine. This is 
another 3 coater but very pretty. It is also very multi-chromatic and 
when the light shifts,
WOOT! Look at the gold in this polish!

The last one is Golden Green and sadly this is not a dupe 
for Chanel Peridot. I think the closest to Peridot is definitely
Ozotic 507, they are almost identical. However this is a really pretty
 green and if you aren't looking for a dupe, then this will not let you down.
It does however have a tiny issue with brush marks. Still Amazing though.

Well I hope you liked the BeetleJuice Collection and if you are interested you
can purchase them from the Model's Own website. They are 5£ and the shipping is 9.95£
 from the UK. We were also able to get a refund after we ordered for the VAT tax,
 so in US they came to about $5.21 a piece, for an order of about 23 bottles. And because you
have all been so patient and made it this far, I am going to give you a special treat. This 
next polish is not from BeetleJuice, it is part of the regular collection and WOW, is it gorgeous! I give you
Peacock Green!

See you Soon, Polish Junkies!


  1. Oh boy I can't wait for my set to arrive, they're all pretty!

  2. These are all very pretty!